Wednesday, January 11, 2012

T-Shirt Contest!

Greetings Everyone! EmeraldPage (me!) is hosting a T-shirt contest in support of TVST and ponies in general. See how you could get your own design sent to you as well as a bunch of free games. See how you could win after the break!

UPDATE: Fixed the email. Thanks CX7000 for catching that.

A few months ago I was proud to participate in The Humble Bundle #4 thanks to the encouragement of @thehumblebrony & @Notch. I purchased a bundle for myself as well as a few extra codes to give away. What better way to give them away than to host a contest?

There is a wonderful custom T-Shirt shop right here in Lawrence, KS called ACME. I have been dying to have them make some brony/pony shirts for me. There is only one problem... I have no idea what to have them put on it. That is where you come in. Send me the best T-Shirt design for either a pony and/or TVST:MR shirt and if you win, not only will I gift you the entirety of Humble Bundle #4 but I will send you a shirt of your own design to you, free.

There are two separate categories for this contest. One for a normal pony/brony shirt; the other for a TVST:MR shirt. The contest will run till Friday June 22nd. There will be a first prize in both categories for the shirts I like the most as at least 2 runners up (there may be more if we get a bunch of awesome designs). I will pick the winner in both catagories and post them along with all the other entries on the following Sunday. The winners will receive the gift codes Via email and can choose to have ANY design possible be made for them and sent to them with out any cost to them (see rules). If you have any questions about the rules email me @

Here are the rules.
1. Follow the rules. If you don't, your entry may(read as: probably) be disqualified
2. No profanity, or explicit designs. I will be wearing this shirt in public.
3. Make it accessible. This isn't a hard set rule, but I want the shirt to make an impact on as many people as possible. Brony inside joke are fun and all, but they may not make sense to my friends and co-workers.
4. Be creative, be your self! I know that there are a lot of clever people out there and I can't wait to see the awesomeness that you come up with.
5. Don't steal, copy, plagiarize some one else's art or idea without permission. It's not cool and you will be automatically disqualified.

To enter:
Send me an email @ with the following.
-Name: (This will be posted)
-Email that you want the gift codes to be sent to.
-(Optional): A short bit of writing to persuade me to pick your shirt.
-Your shirt design(s) attached in a normal pic format.

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