Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well dang

Hey guys, TheJamJar here bringing you a nice shiny update because let's be honest, IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME I DID.

So! Word on the street is that people want to know what's up with Episode 2. Well as you should know, work has indeed begun on the second episode. After 2 weeks and about 6000 listens ("Who's got an awesome community? WE DO") that's to be expected. Are we as far along on production as we would like?

I'm sad to say we're not even close.

You know how life has that tendency to throw you annoying curveballs at the most innoportune of moments? Well our cast and crew have been under fire from such curveballs for the better part of these two weeks. Everything from technical issues to real life blowing up in our faces, you name it, it's happened. So I suppose the bad news is that we've had a non-productive two weeks. And for that I apologise.

The good news is that WE ARE BACK ON TRACK.

Yes that's right folks we are back on the straight and narrow road to awesome and general shinyness. Our VA's are hard at work and we WILL have Episode two out by at LEAST the end of November THAT is a promise. But I'll be damned if we can't get it out sooner.

Also some of you have been asking about voice roles for future episodes. In this regard, I am sorry to say that all voice roles are effectively filled at this moment in time. But fear not Fillies and Gentlecolts, for this is not the end-all of the matter! Whilst all major roles are filled, I WILL have work for you, our wonderful audience in the future. When? I cannot say. Will it be awesome with a chance of epic fail? Quite possibly.

And... that's all I can think of at the moment. If you have any further questions you want to ask then hit us up on the youtube channel, here, the twitter, facebook or just drop us an email directly at

And so, in the parting words of EmeraldPage, Keep Being Awesome

Peace Out