Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fitting time of night to be posting, don't you think?

Hello Equestria!

Midnight Magic Productions is now off the ground, and all you wonderful people are the wind beneath our wings! Thanks to your inspiration we have completed Episode 1 of
"The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recording"

We thank everypony that came out to listen to the premier on Celestia Radio. Thanks to you, we set a new viewership record for them! We know someponies weren't able to make it or didn't have the time.  So for anypony that is interested, You can now play & download Episode 1 from the the following sites:

If you like it and you want to follow our progress you can find our new home at the sites below:

Twitter, Flankbook, RDnet, and more coming soon!

We are also looking to grow! So, if you are interested in giving back to our wonderful community, let us know!

Once again, thank you so much.
A huge thanks to the EQD team for being just the greatest you could ask for.
A huge thanks to everyone that has worked hard so far and will only work harder in the future.
An an especially huge thanks to every brony out there. This is for you, we hope you like it so far.

WE <3 YOU!
~Midnight Magic Productions

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